Monthly Older Posts: September 2023

You now have your target for 2023 MAGI to avoid a Medicare surcharge (IRMAA).

We now know the tripwires of income that trigger surcharges we retirees could pay to Medicare in 2024.  About 15% of those on Medicare have high enough income to result in surcharges. If you are in that category now or might be in the future,

How closely do International Stocks Funds mirror the index they attempt to mimic?

My post two weeks ago addressed US funds. This post looks how closely four international stock index funds match the benchmark they are attempting to match. Two Vanguard funds very closely track their benchmark index. Two other funds don’t do as well. The return rates

Are you lured by AAII’s claim that you can make three times more in the stock market?

I was a member of AAII a number of years ago, but dropped my subscription. This week I got a slick packet enticing me to join that says, “AAII Members Make Nearly 3 Times More Profit than Most in the Stock Market.” “Join 150,000+ AAII

How closely do Index Funds mirror the US index they attempt to mimic?

Ideally, before costs, index funds exactly match the index they attempt to mimic. Returns for shareholders of the fund should be the returns for the index less the fund’s expense ratio. This doesn’t always hold true because of tracking errors – the funds inability to

July was the second month of low inflation.

A final data point for inflation in July was issued Thursday morning. The important chart below is the one for Personal Consumption Expenditures, a measure the Fed favors. The rate for both June and July were about half that of the average of the prior

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