Monthly Older Posts: December 2022

Who turned the buckets upside down?

This post displays our portfolio return for our 12-month year ending November 30 and compares returns to prior years in my lifetimes. Stock returns were the 6th worst in my lifetime. Bond returns were THE worst in my lifetime. The return on our portfolio

How bad is this period of high inflation?

I was surprised: this period of inflation (so far) PALES in comparison to periods of high inflation that all of us retirees have lived through. I look at two slices of what one might consider as high inflation: we currently have experienced 19-months with inflation

Are we slaying inflation?

The inflation data for November came out on Tuesday: inflation was lower than last month and lower than expected. The recent data tracks to less than an annual 3% rate of inflation. That sounds like good news to me, but stocks fell about 4% over

Use this sheet next year for your Recalculation of your Safe Spending Amount for 2024

This post contains a short form spreadsheet you can use to Recalculate your Safe Spending Amount (SSA) for spending for 2024. This sheet has an added column to last year’s sheet, since none of us could calculate to a real increase this year. If we

What will you pay yourself for 2023?

This is my ninth year of calculating our annual Safe Spending Amount (SSA; Chapter 2, Nest Egg Care [NEC]). Our portfolio return was -18% real return over the last 12 months, clearly the worst since the start of our retirement plan, and it  

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