Monthly Older Posts: August 2023

What motivates you exercise?

We’re in England right now. Patti and I like active vacations. I like knowing we’re going on a vacation that requires that I am in reasonable shape. Without that goal in the future, I wouldn’t exercise nearly as much as I do. What is that

Do you have the mindset to be in the top 2% of all investors?

What’s the correct mindset in the Save and Invest Phase of life? That’s up to roughly age 55 or 60. That’s the start of the transition to your Spend and Invest Phase of life that I assume starts at age 65. The focus then is

Have you completed your draft tax plan for 2023?

My tickler file told me that this is the week to complete my first cut on my tax plan for 2023. This post gives you a template for the spreadsheet I use. It might help you for your tax planning for this year. It’s similar

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