Monthly Older Posts: April 2024

What would I favor if I were in the Save and Invest phase of life: Roth or traditional IRA?

If I were in the Save and Invest phase of life, I’d contribute ONLY to Roth IRAs. This post shows that distributions from a traditional IRAs are taxed about 25% and maybe more. Effectively none is taxed at 10% or 12% as most people think.

Why are you taxed at 18.5% in the 10% marginal tax bracket?

When you are retired and receiving Social Security, the 10% and 12% marginal tax brackets on ordinary income are a myth. Most all of your distributions from your traditional IRAs – such as your RMD – are taxed at 18.5% or 22.2%. Very little is

Inflation was a hot topic in the news this week: pointing to +4% annual rate.

Inflation was a hot topic the last two days. The last three months are running at an annual rate at more than 4% inflation. This post shows six graphs I use to follow the inflation trends. We get the last report for inflation for March

Is it best to hold international stocks in a taxable or tax deferred account?

This was an interesting article at Morningstar: Should You Keep Foreign Stocks Out of Your IRA? Tax considerations suggest yes…. There is an added tax wrinkle with international stocks or funds, but I conclude the opposite: the tax considerations CLEARLY say it’s preferable to

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