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When can you expect a 15% increase in your Safe Spending Amount?

Let’s assume you’re just starting your retirement. Following the steps in Nest Egg Care (NEC), you calculate your first Safe Spending Amount (SSA). (See Chapter 2, NEC.) That’s what you’ll withdraw right before the first of the year for your spending that year.

Are you ready for retirement? What do you spend on the Basics?

All we retirees – or soon-to-be retirees – have a burning question: Can our financial portfolio provide enough cash for spending for a Very Happy retirement – for the rest of our lives? You obviously need to add up the cash that rolls in every

Who will you donate to this year?

This is the month Patti and I think about who (whom would be more correct!) we will donate to before the end of the year and how much we will donate. I spent more time thinking about our giving this year. Giving money away is

Should Moncef Slaoui have sold his GlaxoSmithKline stock?

I read this article, “Trump’s Vaccine Czar Refuses to Give Up Stock in Drug Company involved in his Government Role”. The top scientist for Operation Warp Speed, Moncef Slaoui, was hired as a contractor, not as an employee, to avoid the ethics requirement

How is the Social Security COLA calculated?

The purpose of this post is to explain how Social Security (SS) calculates the Cost of Living Adjustment – COLA – each year. Your SS benefit increases by the percentage COLA to maintain the same spending power over time. I also use the percentage COLA

How is your Social Security benefit taxed?

The purpose of this post is to explain how your Social Security (SS) benefit is taxed. The percentage taxed ranges from 0% to 85%. How is the exact percentage calculated? When I google the question, I find the descriptions are VERY CONFUSING. It’s important to

Should you ever pay yourself MORE than your calculated Safe Spending Amount?

Yes, you should consider paying yourself MORE than your calculated Safe Spending Amount (SSA) particularly at the start of your retirement plan. You calculate your annual SSA in Nest Egg Care (NEC). (See Chapter 2). Paying yourself MORE than that probably doesn’t sound quite

What are expected, real returns for stocks and bonds?

What are the real – inflation-adjusted – expected returns for stocks and bonds? Expected returns – the average annual return rates we’ve experienced over a long history – are 7.1% for stocks and 3.1% for bonds. I think these rates of return are a good

When will we be able to travel?

I think we’re all in suspended mode – or should be – about our travel plans. I wrote in this post that Experiences equal Happiness, and Patti and I would agree with that. For us new experiences = travel. Patti and I really look forward

Should you rent when you are retired?

We should think about renting and not buying when we are retired. We should even think that selling our home and renting is NOT A HORRIBLE CHOICE. As the years roll by, I get more passionate about NOT SINKING CASH into non-financial assets – like

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