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How many decades will your IRA enjoy tax-free growth?

A possible change in tax law would cut the number years our IRAs that we leave to our children or other heirs will grow tax free. The change, described here, would require that our IRAs be fully distributed within ten years of our death.

What’s the fundamental advantage of a Retirement Account?

Does it ever make sense to not add to your IRA when you have money saved that you won’t spend for many years? My friend Jim, years younger than I am, asked me, “I have money to invest. I don’t plan on spending it for

What mid-year corrections should we make to our financial retirement plan?

Like most all of us, I look often to see how the market and my holdings are doing. (Patti has it right: she never looks!) My looks are quick: is the market up or down today? Are my holdings up or down today? I know

Do you need a sandbox to play in to see if you can beat the market?

If you’re a diehard nest egger you only invest in Index funds. But some just can’t avoid the lure of trying to beat the market. Or just can’t make the switch to Index funds all at once. If you are hooked on trying to beat

How much more are you making from the recent decline in Investing Costs?

We all pay costs to invest. The amount we pay each year – our Investing Cost – lowers the amount we get to keep from the gross returns the market, in aggregate, provides all investors. Patti and I pay a predictable, small amount and our

Would you rent your furnace for $36 per month? I did.

I now have made two monthly payments that are, in effect, rent on our new furnace installed right at the end of last December. As I mentioned in this post, I decided not to use our financial assets to invest into non-financial assets. This

Why do investors pay fund and advisor fees that make no sense?

The last post said you will be a successful investor – almost certainly better than the 94th percentile of investors over time – by investing solely in Index funds. But very few individual investors do this. This post examines why they don’t simply stick

Why wouldn’t you decide to be in the top 6% of all investors?

I would think most retirees would be ecstatic if they knew they could be in the top 6% of all investors, and they can. But an amazing percentage of investors make decisions – or fail to make decisions – that would put them at the

Can you Earn, Invest and Spend and NEVER pay tax? Yep: it’s an HSA account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is about the best investment opportunity ever: it’s Triple-Tax Free. Nothing beats that. You likely accumulate +25% more after-tax dollars for spending from an HSA than from the next best thing, your retirement accounts. This post explains why – if

Is your checkbook Neat or Sloppy?

I guess I would judge mine as both Neat and Sloppy. I think it’s always been both Neat and Sloppy. But what’s Neat and what’s Sloppy have switched over time. This post describes what I mean. Is your checkbook Neat and Sloppy? You actually want

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