Monthly Older Posts: September 2022

How much do I need to sell this year for our spending in 2023?

Unless there is a dramatic change in prices for stocks and bonds, I will not be happy the first week of December when I sell securities for our spending for 2023. For the past eight years, I sold securities that week for the total that

What will we be selling for our spending in 2023?

In most years, I mostly or solely sell stocks in December for our spending in the upcoming year. That’s because stock returns have been greater than bond returns in all but one of the last seven years since the start of our retirement plan. Last

How bad was the August inflation report?

The headline from the BLS press release on Tuesday said inflation was +0.10% in August. That’s an annual rate of 1.2%, and the stock market immediately fell by over 4%. This confused me. What gives? What gives is differences in the broadly used measure of

How much walking do we need to do to prepare for a walking vacation?

Patti and I got back from our two-week trip to England last Thursday. We walked a portion of the Norfolk Coast Path, which is northeast of London. I picked this national trail since it was easier than our other trips: I judged this was

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