Monthly Older Posts: October 2018

Should I convert some of my Traditional IRA to Roth?

This post discusses the basics of Roth and Traditional IRA or similar retirement plans and how we should think about them when we’re near retirement or retired. The big issue for me: should I convert some of our Traditional IRA to Roth? The answer is

Our Safe Spending Amount will increase by 2.8% for 2019

Social Security always adjusts the amount of dollars it pays us so we closely maintain the same spending power over time. It announced last week that it will pay us retired folks 2.8% more dollars in 2019. And we Nest Eggers will also pay ourselves

Don’t throw money away! Use QCD for donations if you are eligible.

I worked through my October tasks for our retirement plan last week. That included a rough picture of what my 2018 tax return might look like. This sunk in: I MUST use Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) from our retirement accounts for our donations. I

What are my early October tasks for my retirement plan?

I work on my financial retirement plan two times in the year: early October and early December. I spend time in early October to get a good picture of the tasks for December. That’s my month of heavy lifting. The purpose of this post is

Snapshot of returns this year do not point to a real increase in spending for 2019

In Nest Egg Care, Part 3, I recommend that you recalculate at least every three years to see if you can increase your Safe Spending Amount (SSA) for the upcoming year. Patti and I recalculate annually. Your recalculation always leads to a greater real amount

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