Monthly Older Posts: February 2023

Oops. Is 2% inflation in sight?

Inflation data for January came out last week and a final piece came this morning. Inflation upticked in January. The picture looks different from last month: I thought we were on track to 2% annual inflation. The January result throws that view out the

How bad were bond returns in the last two years?

I briefly mentioned in this post that the -25% real return for bonds for 2022 was the worst in history and the past two years have also been the worst in since 1926. I provide more detail and perspective in this post as to how

How was my experience with TurboTax?

Last week I decided to test run TurboTax to file my 2022 tax returns. I was lured by Fidelity’s offer of FREE federal and state tax return. I completed all the entries into TurboTax this week, and this post recounts my experience: it took me

Should I use TurboTax for my tax return this year?

I’ve had a local tax preparation firm prepare my tax return for many years. As I think about it, I pay them A LOT relative to our investment costs. I’m going to complete my return in TurboTax this year. I’ll see how it goes. I

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