Monthly Older Posts: April 2018

How do your returns compare to those of bland index funds?

I’m a bit surprised that so few folks I know compare the performance of their investments to a very simple portfolio of index funds – what the market basically gives all investors. We Nest Eggers own just a few index funds, and we know we

Why Does Life Speed Up As You Get Older?

Of course time does not speed up as we get older, but the illusion in our brain is that it indeed speeds up. Years can fly by. Once we are past 40 or 50, a year seems to last a fraction it did when we

Is Equal Weighting a means to easily beat the market?

Well, this article says it’s a slam-dunk. Investment Strategies To Improve on Passive US Indexing states Equal Weighting is the way to go for retirees. The purpose of this post is to discuss the article and give you evidence from performance of several Equal Weight

You have more money now than you did three years ago. What’s that mean?

I’ve asked that question to a number of retired folks. I was a bit surprised with the answers. Most retirees had not given a thought as to what that means other than the obvious: the market has been good to them. Maybe too good in

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