Monthly Older Posts: April 2022

Are we overdue for a big dive in stocks?

Returns for stocks and bonds are down sharply this month and year to date. In the last week or so, I’ve read a number of articles implying that we retirees should be nervous: we should be lowering our spending; we should be taking special cautions

Why is the your SSR% I provide in Nest Egg Care safer than you may have thought?

When I wrote Nest Egg Care (NEC), I used data for stock and bond returns starting from 1926. I displayed FIRECalc results for 72 23-year sequences in Graph 2-4. I highlighted the most harmful sequence – a blue line on that graph – as

Did you summarize your 2021 tax return?

Did you summarize your 2021 tax return in a format that is understandable to you? I find the 1040 form confusing. You can spend a bit of time to reorganize it so it’s much easier to understand. The purpose of this post is to provide

Do you have the right health care insurance?

This is something last I thought about in detail when I first went on Medicare, but the purpose of this post is to pass on some of my thinking on supplemental insurance coverage to Medicare. The key criterion was to be able to go to

What do we do about the lousy returns for bonds?

Bonds have declined steeply since last September, by roughly -13% real return. Our brokerage statement shows that Patti and I are barely above water on our total bond holdings: the current market value for our bonds is only a shade better than the cost basis

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