Monthly Older Posts: August 2018

Think Real. Not Nominal. You’ll understand more clearly.

I always like to think of future financial returns in terms of inflation-adjusted dollars, generally called constant dollars. These are dollars stated in the same purchasing or spending power of some base year. Current dollars are the nominal count of the pieces of paper

Nest Eggers: my Investing Cost dropped by 30%. Yours dropped or will soon.

My Investing Cost (my net cost reduction from market returns I assume in my financial retirement plan; and it’s really for Patti and me) has just dropped about 30%. Wowee. I thought it was as low as it could get, but I was wrong. We

Once you’ve LOCKED IN SAFETY, Maximize the Pile of Money

The last post shows that you LOCK IN SAFETY – the number of years you want with no chance of depleting a portfolio – with three key decisions: Spending Rate, Investing Cost, and Mix of stocks vs. bonds. Different decisions on those three can lead

Different decisions lead to the same level of SAFETY for your financial retirement plan.

The top objectives for our financial retirement plan are Safety, Safety, Safety. We don’t want to run out of money if we face HORRIBLE future financial returns. And then at our chosen level of safety, we want to maximize a potential Pile of Money we

FIRECalc vs. the 4% Rule: Which One Wins?

FIRECalc wins. FIRECalc gives us retirees the right data for the key decisions we must make for our retirement plan. My independent calculations agree with FIRECalc’s and not with those from the 4% Rule. I am more confident that Patti and I have a solid

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