Monthly Older Posts: July 2023

We added a data point that points to lower inflation.

A final data point for June inflation was issued this morning. The important chart below is the one for Personal Consumption Expenditures, a measure the Fed favors. June was at a rate of equal to 2% annual inflation; this is lower than in the recent

Does Social Security pay for the basics in retirement?

We saved for retirement to have money for the basics in life and to have money to enjoy life. This post discusses how much Social Security (SS) provides for a happy retirement. We retirees understand. SS benefits alone won’t cut it. We like those reliable

Did we really turn a corner on inflation?

I read three articles this week saying that we had really good news on inflation. See here, here, here. The market seemed to like this news the past several days. I updated a few of my charts that track inflation. My chart

Are we in a bull market?

Yes, we are in a bull market. The start of a bull market is generally defined as the point when the market is 20% higher than the previous low. Our previous low was mid-October 2002. We passed 20% higher some day in June. As of

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