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Has Warren Buffet lost it?

Warren Buffet has the best, longest record of stock picking in history. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK), a closed-end mutual fund in effect, outperformed the S&P 500 by eight percentage points per year for 40 years. But in the last 15, BRK has trailed the S&P 500

What are the chances Index funds will outperform Active funds?

Last week I realized I had not read a recent SPIVA® scorecard report that compares the performance of Active funds to their benchmark index. My prior post on a detailed report was in 2018. I was not looking forward to reading the latest report because

What are the costs of holding Active funds?

I liked this article, “Index Funds’ True Advantages.” The author took a sample of 15 Index Funds and 15 low-cost Active funds and compared them over 15 years. While this is a very small sample – much smaller than the universe of funds examined

Is my choice of 30% international stocks a correct one?

I never owned international stocks before I decided on my retirement portfolio in December 2014. I chose to hold 70% US stocks and 30% international stocks for Patti and me. (Our mix is 85% stocks and 15% bonds; see Chapters 8 and 11, Nest Egg

Oops. Is 2% inflation in sight?

Inflation data for January came out last week and a final piece came this morning. Inflation upticked in January. The picture looks different from last month: I thought we were on track to 2% annual inflation. The January result throws that view out the

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