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What’s my checklist of tasks to get ready for December 1?

I use November 30 as our calculation date to determine our Safe Spending Amount (SSA; Chapter 2, Nest Egg Care (NEC) for the upcoming year. This post shows the checklist I ran through this week. I think November 30 is a good 12-month

How attractive is the financial return of a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)?

A reader – I’ll call him Jim – wrote and wanted my views on a financial instrument called a Single Premium Intermediate Annuity (SPIA). Earlier this year, before he had read Nest Egg Care (NEC), Jim purchased for $500,000 an annuity that pays

What’s in the inflation report to cause the market to JUMP?

New data on inflation came out yesterday, and US stocks jumped +5.7%. WOW! That’s the third month with big changes on the day of the monthly report on inflation. The jump for stocks in October was +2.5% and the dive was -4.5% in September. This

How long might it take for stocks to recover?

For the ten months of 2022, the real return for US stocks is about -23%. If this is result for the whole year, 2022 would clearly rank in the worst ten years since 1926 and close to the worst five. This is not a different

How much did tax schedules adjust for inflation?

Last week the news reported that the IRS announced the tax schedules for 2023 and some reports stated, “Some will be able to keep more money.” I think you’ve got this: this last statement isn’t true. Accurate inflation adjustment of the tax tables mean that

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