Monthly Older Posts: April 2021

Have you written down your financial retirement plan?

I updated my summary of our financial retirement plan a couple of weeks ago. I show our original written plan in Appendix B in Nest Egg Care (NEC), and I displayed my summary 3 X 5 card from December 2014 on the last

Does your brain have the correct financial model for your future?

This week I listened to two talks by Jeff Hawkins, author of a new book, One Thousand Brains. I haven’t read the book yet. The talks are here and here. My summary is that the thinking part of our brain builds models of

Should you consider closed-end mutual funds for your portfolio?

Reader Steven asked me in an email if I had looked at or considered Closed-end Funds (CEFs) for my retirement portfolio. I did not, and I haven’t looked at closed-end mutual funds in years. I found an article that listed the “Ten Best CEFs

How important is your decision as to which fund/ETF you own?

In recent posts, I’ve discussed your choices for US stock  funds, International Stock funds, and US bond funds. Pick any of four US total stock market funds, any of eight International stock funds and any of about seven or so US bond

What US stock funds or ETFs should you own for your retirement portfolio?

I’ve recently suggested choices for US bond funds/ETFs (also here) and International stock funds/ETFs . I thought I might as well complete the full story to lay out your best choices for US stocks. US stocks will be the biggest part of your portfolio.

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