Monthly Older Posts: February 2020

Do you need to pull out the reminders as to why you shouldn’t worry?

This is a scary week. Does the rapid decline in the stock market worry you? I’m more worried about the coronavirus. Patti and I are in the age bracket most susceptible to viruses: our immune system to kill a virus just isn’t as strong as

Is this “Terrific” Large Growth Fund for you: JENSX?

This article, “A Terrific Large Growth Fund” at Morningstar (M*) concludes: [JENSX] “Jensen Quality Growth’s managers have demonstrated stock-picking acumen over a long period of time.” We nesteggers know that it is very rare that a fund will outperform its peer index fund over

How will lower RMD percentages in 2021 affect you?

The IRS published proposed changes to RMD percentages in November. The rule making process will be completed this year and new, lower RMD percentages will likely take effect for 2021. This post describes those changes and what I think that means for us retirees. My

How will the SECURE Act affect your financial retirement plan?

The SECURE Act, passed in December, brought changes to retirement plans –– and more will come in 2021. This post discusses the SECURE Act and what I think it may mean for you. Next week I’ll describe lower RMD percentages that start in 2021.


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