Monthly Older Posts: November 2023

How simple have you made the tasks for the Executor of your Will?

I have been an Executor and Patti was an Executor and I was her helper. Both were VERY time consuming and somewhat painful processes. This site,, looks to be a very useful organizational tool and says the average Executor spends over 500 hours

What real return do we need to get back to the peak of two years ago?

For much of 2023 it’s felt like we are climbing back from the market decline in 2022. We’ve fallen back a bit from August and can measure how far we are from what I judge as the market peak on November 8, 2021 –  exactly

I can plan for the amount and where I need to sell for our SSA for 2024.

I did my initial plan for our Safe Spending Amount for calendar 2024 the first week of August. I finalize the plan this month, and I can do that now. I have the two items of new information since August: 1) the 3.2% COLA

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