Monthly Older Posts: April 2023

When will we budge from 4% inflation rate?

This post shows that we continue to track to 4% inflation, twice the Federal Reserve’s target. Why do I track inflation? I track the recent trends in inflation since high inflation hurts the ability of companies to earn appropriate returns. Efforts to stamp out inflation

What percent of investors are self-reliant – confident enough to make their own investment decisions?

This post summarizes data from the ICI Factbook 2022 that I mentioned last week. Retail investors like you and me are 94% of the capital invested in mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Index funds are now almost half the total invested in

What percent of the market is Index funds?

The report “Shooting the Messenger” that I mentioned in this blog states that 25% to 35% of the total value of all stocks is held by Index investors. I was not able to follow the math. In this post, I cite a different

Do Active funds underperform by their added costs?

The simple math states that both Index funds and Actively managed mutual funds should underperform the market by their costs. It’s pretty clear that this math works for Index funds, but does the historical data support this conclusion for Actively managed funds? Yes, it does.

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