Monthly Older Posts: February 2018

What do really bad sequences of stock returns actually look like?

When were retired we’re in the Spend and Invest phase. We’re withdrawing from our portfolio each year for our spending. We’re stressing its health each year. Most times it remains healthy or even grows to be super-healthy over our retirement. We Nest Eggers are most

Vanguard improves their Retirement Withdrawal Calculator. A lot.

Vanguard recently improved its display(s) of results of their Retirement nest egg calculator – their Retirement Withdrawal Calculator (RWC). I describe RWCs in Nest Egg Care (Chapter 2 and Appendix C), but here is a separate description. I rely on two key RWCs in Nest

Are you getting nervous about stock returns?

The point of this post: it’s waaaay to early in the year to be concerned about the rapid decline in stocks.


I liked reading Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Kahneman is a psychologist who won the Noble price in economics. He’s the

Why am I pouring my FUN MONEY into a non-productive asset?

What’s it all about now that we are retired? Enjoying More, NOW and helping others to Enjoy More, NOW. Why would we spend money on something that subtracts from what we could ENJOY?


Every year at this time I ask the question when two

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