Monthly Older Posts: October 2019

Do you have check writing for your retirement account?

If you are over 70½ you want to make contributions from your retirement accounts using QCD – Qualified Charitable Distributions. I wrote about this a year ago. You get the full tax benefit of donations when you make them from your retirement account. You

Can you lower the portion of Social Security that is taxed and avoid $1000s in tax?

Depending on the amount of your income, 0%, 50% or 85% of your Social Security (SS) benefits is taxed. Retired folks under age 70½ have flexibility as to how they get the cash to pay themselves throughout the year – what is taxable income on

How many bad 1-in-350 financial events are in your retirement plan?

We retirees want to lock in a number of years for NO CHANCE of depleting our portfolio. A key decision – our Safe Spending Rate (SSR%) – assumes we will face the most horrible sequence of financial returns in history. We nesteggers use the actual

Is Fidelity the new king of lowest cost index funds?

If you follow the evidence in Nest Egg Care (NEC), you know the key to investing when you are retired – really any stage in life – is to keep most all of market returns for yourself. To do this reliably you must solely

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