Monthly Older Posts: September 2017

My 4.5% Pay Raise Calculation, December 2016

You can see the calculations on this spreadsheet. I first entered the return rates for the prior 12 months for our stocks and for our bonds. (You can see at the top of the sheet that I used December 15 as the end of

Three Keys to Enjoy More. NOW.

Once you know How Much to Spend and How to Invest – two uncertainties that you control – you can squarely face the uncertainties that you don’t control –  Market Returns and Lifespan. Once you are confident of your decisions and plan, I think you

Live the Core

Nest Egg Care describes four CORE principles for your financial retirement plan. I think you will find the workbook is straightforward and simple to follow. Nest Egg Care gives you a worksheet and shows you the one I completed for our plan. The resulting plan

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