Monthly Older Posts: March 2020

How much are you required to sell in your retirement accounts for your RMD?

You don’t HAVE to sell ANYTHING – stocks or bonds – in your Traditional retirement accounts when you take your RMD or any other withdrawal from your Traditional retirement accounts. These two decisions are separate: 1) How to take your RMD and 2) What securities

How do you look at your portfolio now?

This has been another stressful week. I can’t break the habit of looking at my portfolio, but I think I’ve been able to narrow what I look at. There’s a big part of my portfolio I don’t want to look at very often: we all

You’re taking this killer seriously, right?

I hate reading articles that folks think COVID-19 is a hoax or is overblown. Or seeing those images of hundreds on the Georgia beaches. This article says a “poll this week found the percentage of those taking the threat of coronavirus had actually declined since

Can you save a life today?

Patti and I are hunkered down in Pittsburgh. I assume you are hunkered, too. This is a National Emergency like no other I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. This is only the second National Emergency related to stopping a virus killer, and this killer is a

Oh, my. What can we control now that we’re officially in a bear market?

Stocks have REALLY nose-dived. We’re all stressed with the coronavirus and the stock market. This is the first bear market – defined as a 20% decline from the recent peak – in over a decade. At the close on Thursday we were -27% off the

Is this the time to improve your financial insurance?

Wow, this is a crazy time. Last week I described how I could wait nearly four years before I would have to sell stocks for our spending. I could sell our insurance against painful declines in stocks – selling bonds only for our spending –

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