Monthly Older Posts: November 2022

What’s my checklist of tasks to get ready for December 1?

I use November 30 as our calculation date to determine our Safe Spending Amount (SSA; Chapter 2, Nest Egg Care (NEC) for the upcoming year. This post shows the checklist I ran through this week. I think November 30 is a good 12-month

How attractive is the financial return of a Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)?

A reader – I’ll call him Jim – wrote and wanted my views on a financial instrument called a Single Premium Intermediate Annuity (SPIA). Earlier this year, before he had read Nest Egg Care (NEC), Jim purchased for $500,000 an annuity that pays

What’s in the inflation report to cause the market to JUMP?

New data on inflation came out yesterday, and US stocks jumped +5.7%. WOW! That’s the third month with big changes on the day of the monthly report on inflation. The jump for stocks in October was +2.5% and the dive was -4.5% in September. This

How long might it take for stocks to recover?

For the ten months of 2022, the real return for US stocks is about -23%. If this is result for the whole year, 2022 would clearly rank in the worst ten years since 1926 and close to the worst five. This is not a different

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