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If you have a Variable Annuity, should you keep it or sell it?

Have you invested in a variable annuity? Last week I wrote that I would not invest in one as an option to help build a retirement nest egg. This case is different. It assumes you already have a variable annuity. What should you do?

Should you invest in a Variable Annuity to help build your nest egg?

Variable Annuities are popular. Investors poured over $240 billion into them in 2019. I opened a variable annuity account at Fidelity maybe 15 or 20 years ago as added way to save for retirement. I’m not remembering my thought process, but I’d guess that I

Is it time to sell stocks?

OMG. This article says 33% of investors over age 65 sold ALL their stocks this year! (This may have been FALSE NEWS*.) This is about the worst idea ever. Surely you didn’t do this. What does this tell us nest eggers? Those folks have NO

What are the basic steps to rebalance your portfolio?

Ages ago – over a year ago, I think – the links broke under the Resources tab on this web site. Nothing downloaded when you clicked on the resource. Reader Jeff asked me for replacements. I emailed them to him after I had updated a

Are you the Master of your Hockey Stick?

My friend Dan sent Patti and me an invitation (Hey, real mail!) and underneath our names in the address it said, “The Hockey Stick Masters.” I laughed. Dan knows I have our hockey stick imprinted in my brain. He’s seen my orange painted hockey stick.

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