Monthly Older Posts: May 2022

How much is $500 worth?

In a way this is a silly question. $500 is worth $500, but in my case $500 isn’t worth much. Last week I locked up $10,000 of what I have in money market or interest-bearing checking to buy an I-Bond that I cannot redeem for

What do we do now?

Oops. This is getting serious. My stocks are down more than 17% from the start of the year. My bonds are down more than 9%. (And the real declines are greater when I adjust for inflation.) Those are steep declines. Not nearly as steep for

Is inflation slowing?

The purpose of this post is to provide information on recent trends in inflation. We’ve all been hit with inflation: it hurts our spending power; both stocks and bonds react negatively to increasing inflation. The last time it was this high was about 40 years

What did you do that was fun this week?

My fun project for this week was to spend time planning our next big walking vacation in England in August. It was a good distraction from thinking about the stock market! The purpose of this post is to simply tell you what was fun for

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