Monthly Older Posts: May 2021

What’s the history of inflation, and might history foretell the future?

I posted last week about the latest calculation of 4.2% annual rate of inflation, May 2020 to May 2021. This is greater than the Federal Reserve’s long-term objective of expectations of annual inflation to be “well anchored at 2 percent”. Is 2 percent a reasonable

How bad must inflation be to be worrisome?

We all have read about recent increases in inflation; the annual inflation rate in April was 4.2%, the highest in 13 years. How concerned should we be? The purpose of this post is to simply remind us of how bad inflation was in the period

Is it possible to mismanage a retirement portfolio any worse than Pennsylvania’s pension fund for teachers?

This article in the New York Times (FBI Asking Questions After a Pension Fund Aimed High and Fell Short) prompted me to look at the performance results for Pennsylvania’s Public Schools Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) pension fund. What a mess, and I CANNOT

How do you use the money you have in a Roth IRA to avoid paying tax?

With proper use of a Roth IRA, retirees with higher retirement income can avoid paying taxes that they just don’t need to pay. This post describes how to use your Roth IRA to avoid paying tax of about $850 per year (single taxpayer) or $1,700

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