Monthly Older Posts: October 2023

Have we licked the inflation monster?

A final data point for inflation in September was issued this morning. That was for the important chart below for Personal Consumption Expenditures less Food and Energy components. This is the measure of inflation that the Federal Reserve favors. The last six months point to

Is Social Security using the right index to measure inflation for retirees?

Since 1982 the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has tracked what they call an experimental index for Americans age 62 and older, CPI-E. This index weights components of inflation differently than the index that Social Security (SS) uses to calculate its annual Cost of Living

Why will Social Security (SS) increase by 3.2% when inflation was 3.7%?

I’m sure you saw this news this week: SS benefits will increase by 3.2% for 2024. At the same time, the news was that 12-month inflation was 3.7%. Why the difference? This post is a refresher: SS uses a different measure of inflation than

Do institutional fund managers outperform mutual fund managers?

A SPIVA report that I summarize in this post shows that nearly 90% of institutional fund managers return less to the owners of their fund than their benchmark index over 10 years. I recently summarized a prior SPIVA report on active mutual fund managers:

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