Monthly Older Posts: March 2024

Should we lose faith in bonds as valuable insurance to protect our portfolio?

I view the bonds we retirees hold as a form of insurance – downside protection. We need to sell from our portfolio each year for our spending. We don’t want to sell stocks when they’ve taken a deep dive. Selling stocks then for our spending

How do the last two years compare to the worst sequences of return in history?

I’ve been encouraged about returns to date for this year and the outlook for our economy, but 2022 was a really bad year. Stocks and bonds combined for the roughly the fifth worst portfolio return in history. We rebounded in 2023 and are doing well

We’re really within 3% of the prior peak for stocks in November 2021.

We’re within 3% of the inflation-adjusted peak for stocks in November 2021. This is a sharp change from my post at the two-year mark, when I concluded we had to see a real increase of 25% to get back to that peak. Wow. I’m

The latest inflation release confirms the high rate in January

Two months ago, it looked like we were clearly headed to 2% inflation. November inflation, using the measure favored by the Federal Reserve was the lowest in four years. The inflation rate for January was issued yesterday and confirmed a reading earlier in the month.

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