Monthly Older Posts: March 2021

What mutual fund or ETF do you want for International Stocks?

It’s easy to get confused as to the the correct choices of mutual fund or ETF for your retirement portfolio. There are about 8,000 mutual funds and 2,200 ETFs in the US. I’m a believer in Total Stock funds, and the purpose of this post

Do you earn back enough on your credit card?

It can be really hard to figure out what you earn back on your credit card purchases. The purpose of this post is to say, “If you aren’t clearly getting 2% back as cash value on all purchases, it’s time to switch.”


== How

Are you getting ready to ENJOY NOW?

Have you shifted to thinking about what you are going to do to Enjoy More NOW? It’s almost a year since the first official stay-at-home requirements for here. Patti and I are more than two weeks past our second vaccination. We feel like we are

How do you invest with the appropriate level of risk?

All investors should be able to answer the question, “Have I invested with the appropriate level of risk?” This raises a basic question, “What is financial risk?” It turns out that I don’t think that’s easy to answer. In my mind the financial industry uses

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