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Now that you’re retired, how do you invest?

You make two basic decisions for your financial retirement plan: How Much to Spend and How to Invest. It’s actually three decisions:


1. How Much Should I (we) Spend (Spending Rate)?

2. How Do I Invest?

a. What Investing Cost Should I incur?


How well do Active funds perform (Version 2)?

I read this article last week, Charts change hearts and minds better than words do. People understand better (and might think differently than they have in the past) by looking at graphs rather than by reading text and numbers in a table.



What’s does the latest SPIVA® report on Actively Managed funds tell us?

You’re retired. You can’t waste money. You want to keep the most you can from future market returns. You can pay more (greater Investing Cost) to try beat the market. Or, you can reliably keep almost all of what the market gives – but with

Two really good $100 purchases on our vacation in England

A few years ago, I found I was very grumpy and sometimes a bit frustrated with spending money that we just did not NEED to spend. I’m much less concerned – actually totally unconcerned about $100 expenditures – now that I understand our annual Safe

What’s the one-page Take Away from Nest Egg Care?

We have to start with the right questions. I think these two are the right distillation for us retirees.



I wrote Nest Egg Care to answer those two. Those five pictures above are the one page Take Away.


1. You should view

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