Monthly Older Posts: March 2022

What is your life expectancy and therefore your Safe Spending Rate (SSR%)?

Patti and I use her life expectancy as the number of years we want for Zero Chance of depleting our portfolio. I use the number of years to get our age-appropriate Safe Spending Rate (SSR%). I use that rate the first week of December to

Do the results from Vanguard’s Retirement Nest Egg Calculator make sense?

No, the results one gets from the Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calcuator do not make sense. The results lead you to FAR TOO LOW of Safe Spending Rate (SSR%; see Chapter 2, Nest Egg Care (NEC)). I wrote about the shortcomings of the

Are you holding up with the year-to-date decline?

Obviously, this is a stressful time. We’ve had two years of COVID that could have ruined our economy; inflation has not been this high for 40 years; and we have a war in Europe. I can’t make sense out of what it means for our

How many harmful periods of return have we had since 1871?

Last week I compared historical return data for stocks and bonds from three sources. I had not looked in detail at the Shiller data for stock and bond returns which date back to 1871. I plotted the data and find four sequences of return that

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