Monthly Older Posts: June 2020

What are my favorite productivity tools?

Why do I think about making my life more productive when I’m retired? I want to keep simplify the routine, take away stress, and try to be effective every day. I’ve mentioned a few of these before, but this post describes my checklist of things

What will you do with the money you are not spending?

I looked online at our credit card balance, and I can see that we currently have a big NEGATIVE balance. That’s due to refunds on airline tickets for trips we had planned. It looks like our credit card payments for April, May and June will

What happened to Vanguard’s Probability of Living Calculator?

Vanguard’s Probability of Living Calculator has disappeared. It’s an important tool for decisions for our financial retirement plan. Vanguard removed it as publicly available on the web and put it on their web site for their customers. Now they’ve removed it from there. I’ve not

How much downside protection have value stocks delivered year to date?

Value stocks – departing from conventional wisdom – provided ZERO relative downside protection in this recent decline. The conventional wisdom is that value stocks with lower price-to-earnings ratios and higher dividend yield are safer to own when the market hits a rough patch: they will

How will you control your risk of getting COVID-19 (and dying)?

We all make personal decisions about risk every day. Driving is a risk. Walking on an uneven sidewalk is a risk that I pay attention to. You’ve already made decisions that decide the financial risk of your retirement plan. You’ve decided – with or without

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