Monthly Older Posts: January 2023

What was the inflation change in Personal Consumption Expenditures?

Today we got the second set of measures of inflation for December: the data of Personal Consumption Expenditures – the measure favored by the Federal Reserve. I show two graphs of the trends. One shows the last six months have been at an annual rate

Does the math of doubling of stocks every ten years still work?

The math that uses the long-run average of 7.1% annual real return for stocks says stocks should double in real spending power roughly every ten years. 2022 was the fifth worst return year for stocks in my life time: decline of -23% real return. Does

Have you started on your 2024 taxes?

What? Should you be doing ANYTHING now related to your 2024 taxes? Yep. I set up the file folders on my computer that I’ll eventually fill up with documentation for my 2024. It sounds strange, but this is the time to do that. I found

We’re still tracking to lower inflation

The inflation data for December came out on Thursday: we continue to track to less than an annual 3% rate of inflation, and 2% is in sight. I show several graphs that help me see the trends in inflation more easily. I think the two

What segments of US stocks outperformed in 2022?

I like arranging the most recent calendar year returns in the 3 by 3 matrix of the Investment Style Box. I get a snapshot of what outperformed and what underperformed the US stock market as a whole. This post shows the nominal return for

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