Monthly Older Posts: November 2018

What are Time-Weighted Returns and Money-Weighted Returns?

Patti and I follow the CORE in Nest Egg Care (NEC). We Recalculate annually to see if our Safe Spending Amount (SSA) can increase by more than inflation. (I recommend you Recalculate at least every three years; see Part 3, NEC.) Patti and I

What do I do to minimize taxes and keep more for us?

Our Safe Spending Amount (SSA) is the pretax amount we can withdraw and spend from our nest egg that ensures we have zero probability of depleting our portfolio for the number of years we have selected. Nest Eggers always take their full SSA. Patti and

I helped Alice with her year-end tasks this week

Alice’s Recalculation date is October 31 (see Nest Egg Care, Part 3). She follows the CORE and recalculates each year. Returns in 2017 were terrific, and Alice’s Safe Spending Amount (SSA) calculated as +16% last year – well above the 2% inflation rate. Returns

Were you bothered by the market decline in October?

I was not. The nominal decline in my portfolio was about 5.7% in the month. Your return would have differed if your portfolio weights (US vs. International) and mix (stocks vs. bonds) differ from mine. That decline was painful to see on the display of

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