Monthly Older Posts: July 2019

How much do higher fees eat from expected growth of your portfolio?

Neighbors Bill and Mary, nice folks age 50, told me that they just signed on with a financial advisor. He’s going to manage $800,000 for them. He said his fee is 1%, so they conclude they are spending $8,000 per year for his advice and

Is Rental Property a good income generator for you?

I read this article that suggests Rental Real Estate is a good investment for retirees. I hate even thinking about investing in rental real estate. Or why I’d hold onto it if I had it at this stage in life. This post discusses why I

Do we need to change our spending habits when we are retired?

Patti and I have slowly changed our spending habits, but the change was not in the way that you might think. We slowly changed to be more tolerant of spending that gives one or both of us pleasure. We no longer are bugged by the

How much safer is a mix of 65% than a mix of 85% stocks?

A financial retirement plan with 65% stocks is inherently NO SAFER than plan with 85%. A plan with 85% stocks can have NO RISK or uncertainty in the life of your portfolio – the number of years your portfolio will pay you a Safe Spending

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