Monthly Older Posts: April 2019

Can you Earn, Invest and Spend and NEVER pay tax? Yep: it’s an HSA account

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is about the best investment opportunity ever: it’s Triple-Tax Free. Nothing beats that. You likely accumulate +25% more after-tax dollars for spending from an HSA than from the next best thing, your retirement accounts. This post explains why – if

Is your checkbook Neat or Sloppy?

I guess I would judge mine as both Neat and Sloppy. I think it’s always been both Neat and Sloppy. But what’s Neat and what’s Sloppy have switched over time. This post describes what I mean. Is your checkbook Neat and Sloppy? You actually want

Do you properly pay yourself in retirement? Most don’t.

If we are to truly enjoy our retirement, we must properly pay ourselves from our nest egg. We first need to pay the right amount each year – our annual Safe Spending Amount (SSA). (See Chapter 2, Nest Egg Care (NEC); see here for

Do you think of your annual pay from your nest egg as “use it or lose it?”

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned this book, Dollars and Sense. I liked its thinking in Chapter 6. That chapter says that we are happier if we disconnect what we are buying from the action of actually paying for it. “We feel better

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