Monthly Older Posts: June 2022

How much do you spend in a year?

I looked in detail at our spending in this blog about 18 months ago as a way to help me understand how much we needed to pay ourselves from our nest egg. I did the same exercise this week, but in a much simpler way.

When will this bear market end?

I have no idea of when this bear market will end. I have no crystal ball. But I was not remembering what has to happen for it to officially end. The purpose of this post is to describe that event.


We can only have

Does the start of the worst sequence of returns start exactly in January 1969?

FIRECalc builds many historical sequences of stock and bond returns in history and displays how a portfolio will fare over time for all the sequences. Nest Egg Care uses THE Most Harmful sequence as the baseline assumption for determining a Safe Spending Rate in retirement

My bout with COVID

Dammit. It got me. I have no idea how. I’d put myself in the super cautious category. I wear a mask when others don’t. I avoid crowds. I hope you have not gotten it and won’t, but an article I read said roughly 50% of

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