Monthly Older Posts: December 2019

What will you do in 2020 with your pay raise?

All of us Nest Eggers will calculate to a real pay raise for 2020: that’s because of the excellent stock and bond returns this year. (I describe our pay increase for 2020 here and the prospects for another real increase for 2021 here.) In

How have you isolated yourself from bad volatility in your portfolio?

Our portfolio – your portfolio – shouldn’t be viewed as one big pile of money. For almost all days in the year I can’t help but look at our total as one big pile: I see the total amount Patti and I have on the

What return on your nest egg do you need to get a pay increase in 2021?

Last week Patti and I calculated that we earned a small, real increase in our Safe Spending Amount (SSA) for 2020. I can now calculate that a 1% real return on our portfolio over this next year will result in another real increase in

Did you calculate to a pay increase for 2020?

Did you calculate to a real pay increase for 2020? You should have! The returns have been that good this year. In this earlier post, I thought we were close to a real pay increase: the November stock returns of +2.5% put us over

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