Monthly Older Posts: February 2019

You can expect your RMD to double by your age 83

We Nest Eggers always plan for the worst: we assume we’ll be faced with the worst sequence of financial returns ever and that assumption determines how much we spend and how we invest. This post shows that your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) doubles in real

Could you ever trip into the 32% bracket because of the size of your IRA?

We’re consumed about Never Running Out of Money when we’re retired. We always spend and invest thinking we will hit the worst sequence of returns in history. But we may have a different – but nice – problem if returns are average: we’ll have a

This seems incredible: $1 more MAGI can trigger added $2,400 in Medicare premiums

Last week’s post discussed MAGI (Modified Adjusted Gross Income). We retirees want to understand MAGI and estimate our MAGI for our current tax year. What I failed to appreciate in prior years is the fairly BIG BITE that can hit retirees when MAGI crosses specific

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