Monthly Older Posts: August 2020

When will we be able to travel?

I think we’re all in suspended mode – or should be – about our travel plans. I wrote in this post that Experiences equal Happiness, and Patti and I would agree with that. For us new experiences = travel. Patti and I really look forward

Should you rent when you are retired?

We should think about renting and not buying when we are retired. We should even think that selling our home and renting is NOT A HORRIBLE CHOICE. As the years roll by, I get more passionate about NOT SINKING CASH into non-financial assets – like

Should my 40-year old niece contribute to a Target Date fund for her 401k?

My niece texted me last week. Her employer is being acquired, and her investment choices for the replacement 401k plan are completely different from those in her current plan. The plan identifies a default investment option, a Target Date fund offered by American Century. I’m

Have you started on your tax planning for 2020?

I spent some time this week planning for 1) where Patti and I will get our Safe Spending Amount for 2021 (SSA; see Nest Egg Care (NEC), Chapter 2) and 2) how much we will pay in total tax in 2020. I

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