Monthly Older Posts: July 2018

Can you pick a winning Actively Managed fund based on its past results?

The SPIVA® report, “Does Past Performance Matter? The Persistence Scorecard” answers the question. Don’t count on an excellent track record of performance of an Actively Managed fund to extend into the future. Excellent performance does not persist. Only a very small percentage of

What are your mid-year To-Do’s for your Retirement Plan?

I read this article this week, “6 Portfolio To-Do’s for Retirees at Midyear”.  I don’t do ANY of the six. This post describes what I don’t do mid-year and why.


Here are the steps in the article:


1. Check your year-to-date

Can you lose 20% of your nest egg and feel good about it?

Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. What? Lose 20% of your nest egg and feel good about it? Well, most investors effectively lose 20% of their nest egg or the biggest portion of their nest egg (stock portfolio) over time and feel good about it. This

Get this 65% CASH REWARD card!

Probably all of us carry some sort of rewards credit card. We get points, miles, or cash reward on our credit card purchases. We get more to spend at what we perceive to be no cost. (Retailers are passing on their costs for our use

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