Monthly Older Posts: July 2022

How does the IRS calculate your RMD percentage?

The IRS publishes a “Uniform Life Expectancy” table to use for the calculation of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your traditional IRAs. The inverse of the years shown for your age is your RMD percentage. That table applies to all us while we are alive,

Where might this year rank in returns?

I don’t need to tell you: stocks have nosedived. Bonds usually work as insurance, meaning their returns have averaged 27 percentage points better than stocks when stocks crater. Bonds clearly aren’t providing their historical value: they’ve nosedived, too, and are only 8 percentage points better

How do you disburse and invest if you have “More Than Enough”?

The last several posts described how you get to the number that is ENOUGH for your spending for the rest of your life or lives. See here, here, and here: after going through that math, I find that Patti and I are

How much portfolio value do you need?

How much of portfolio value do you need for your spending for the rest of your life? It takes a number of steps and decisions to get to the answer. I went through two steps the past two weeks, here and here. This post

How much should you pay yourself from your nest egg?

Last week I described that Patti and I fall in the category of having More Than Enough that I describe in Chapter 10 of Nest Egg Care (NEC). Our current portfolio value supports a Safe Spending Amount (SSA; Chapter 2) that means our

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