Monthly Older Posts: May 2018

Why MUST Actively Managed funds in aggregate underperform Index funds?

Two weeks ago my blog post discussed the performance of a set of Actively Managed US Stock funds as compared to their peer index funds. I cited this study in another post. I discussed this with an investment pro who DID NOT GET the fact

How much lower will your taxes be in 2018?

I visited my accountant, Bob, this week to finalize my 2017 taxes. Yep, I was little late completing them, but he finalized the returns and filed them this week. When we sat down, he gave me some information for my tax planning for 2018. I’m

How many Fidelity actively managed funds have outperformed their peer index fund?

I count 46 actively managed, general stock funds at Fidelity, and I conclude that you can buy two that have outperformed their peer index fund over the last decade. Four of the 46 are closed to new investors (four of the best performing funds). So

Now that you’re retired, is Investing Cost your top monthly expense?

Oh, I hope not. If you are a Nest Egger, the answer clearly is NO. If you are not a Next Egger, you may find that that your Investing Cost is your top monthly expense. It is for a couple of friends of mine.

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