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Does the December inflation data disappoint?

The BLS issued a number of measures of inflation for December Thursday. A few articles said that inflation in December was high. December inflation was a little higher than October or November, but the charts in this post would not show that it was very

What segments of US stocks outperformed in 2022?

I like arranging the most recent calendar year returns in the 3 by 3 matrix of the Investment Style Box. I get a snapshot of what outperformed and what underperformed the US stock market as a whole. This post shows 2023 results: the return

Do you have enough bonds in your taxable account?

I found my portfolio needed some mechanical repair. I don’t have our bonds in the right location in our portfolio: I have far too little in our taxable Investment account and too much in our Retirement accounts. I scheduled tasks throughout 2024 such that by

Does it look like we are on track for 2.0% annual inflation?

The Federal Reserve signaled about ten days ago that they would not be raising interest rates in the battle to lower inflation. Most pundits conclude that the Fed will cut rates at least twice in 2024. The stock market loved this news and it’s up

Did you own enough of the Magnificent Seven this year?

I went to a talk Wednesday by Stu Hoffman, past Chief Economist at PNC. He included comments on the Magnificent Seven. I had not been following that term that’s applied to seven high-flying stocks. The story he told that bolstered the rationale as to

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