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Why am I pouring my FUN MONEY into a non-productive asset?

What’s it all about now that we are retired? Enjoying More, NOW and helping others to Enjoy More, NOW. Why would we spend money on something that subtracts from what we could ENJOY?


Every year at this time I ask the question when two

What’s my market outlook for stocks for 2018 and beyond?

What the heck are those? Those are the nine worst annual (calendar year) real (inflation-adjusted) returns for stocks since 1926 – over the past 92 years. HORRIBLE! UGLY! SCARY! The message of this post: Nest Eggers ALWAYS plan for the worst and adjust if it

What does it mean to be on the Nest Egg Team?

We Nest Eggers think differently about retirement and live differently in retirement than most. We Nest Eggers focus on Enjoying More, NOW and helping others Enjoy More, NOW.


What do we do?


• At the start of every year, we pay ourselves our

What segments of the US market outperformed in 2017?

I like looking at the Vanguard Style Box (I call it a Nine Box.) at the end of the year to get a snapshot of what outperformed and what underperformed the US stock market as a whole. Vanguard displays this matrix of its index (and

What did Nest Eggers score in calendar 2017?

Fellow Nest Egg Team members: you should be happy with our team’s scoring for last calendar year ending December 31. Our team had a very good year. If you followed the recommendations in Nest Egg Care, you came out with handsome results. As in

A great gift from Tom to Tom and Patti

I opened my Gift Envelope this morning, the one I gave to Patti and me on January 2, 1982 – 36 years ago. I emptied its contents on the kitchen island counter: $102,800!*


I followed the same investment plan as for the envelope

Tell me again: why do Patti and Tom have this mountain of cash that is More-Than-Enough for current spending?

In our Recalculation the first week of December, Patti and I found that we had far more than enough to support our current spending. A small mountain of cash: +$147,000 per $1 Million starting Investment Portfolio (December 2014). And a calculation of a new Safe

What’s our Financial Retirement Plan for 2018 look like?

Yep. It’s a hockey stick with that inflection point locked in right where I want it to be – 2035. That’s zero probability of depleting our portfolio for 18 years. The Safe Spending Rate (SSR%) of 4.75% and other original design decisions determined the shape

Whooowee. I made two changes to our plan this year.

I reviewed our extensive Retirement Financial Plan (Written out, it fits on a 3 by 5 card.) and made the following changes:


1. On my 3 by 5 card, I erased the $46,100 that I had written in pencil last year for our Safe

It’s December 15. My day spent bottling the wine I’ll drink next year.

This is my imagined task every December 15. I even mark this day as Bottling Day on my calendar. Why do I do this? To imagine my portfolio differently.


We all need to form our view of risk tolerance. The real shape of my

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