How much effort is required to complete the tasks in the Workbook?
Posted on August 7, 2017

I don’t think it’s that many hours to complete your retirement financial plan, and I think they will be some of the most satisfying and valuable hours you will spend. It does takes time to absorb that you can trust your plan, since your spending will likely change (more than you’re are spending now) and your investing will change (much simpler than the way you are invested now). It’s not easy to grasp that SIMPLER is better – our brains are just not wired that way.


Nest Egg Care has 14 chapters that total 102 pages. So that’s about 8 pages per chapter. Not much. You’re taking small bites of the apple, not big ones. The book tries to lay out your decision points clearly. It calls out where you have work tasks and decisions to record on your Plan Worksheet; you’ll see the worksheet I completed for our plan. A narrative at the end of each section, “The Patti and Tom File,” describes how we applied the CORE principles, and you’ll see how our plan is playing out for us.

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