What are the keys to “Enjoying More”?
Posted on August 7, 2017

Nest Egg Care suggests we must Enjoy More. Now. The sands of time are running. Faster than we’d like to think. I suggest three keys get us to a more enjoyable retirement.


1) You must Understand the CORE; you’ll do that by reading Nest Egg Care and completing your Plan Worksheet.


2) You must Trust and Pay Yourself your annual Safe Spending Amount (SSA). It may take some time for it to sink in that that annual amount you calculate is truly safe; that you know the amount is almost certain to increase in the future; and that saving any of it now doesn’t really make logical sense.


3) Focus on Fun and Giving. Those are two tasks that my wife and I focus on. You’ll particularly have more joy in retirement more when you give to those you care about and are still around to appreciate the positive impact you’ve made. You can read more here.

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