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Our Safe Spending Amount will at least increase by 2% for 2018.

Last week the Social Security Administration announced a 2.0% increase for inflation (COLA or Cost-of-Living Adjustment) for 2018. What’s this mean for me and for you?


1. Social Security payments will increase by 2% starting in January. That’s the increase before the deduction of

My Rant: It’s unfair. We retirees are victims of not knowing.

I discuss Why I Wrote This Book in Chapter 1 of Nest Egg Care and also here. Both of those reflect “the nice” me. As time goes by and the more I think about it, the more frustrated and cynical I get. The “angrier

Why I wrote this book

I devote a Chapter to this in Nest Egg Care. But here is the overview.


1. I didn’t know, now that I’m retired, answers to two key questions, What can we Safely Spend and Never Run Out?” “Is this connected to How

My 4.5% Pay Raise Calculation, December 2016

You can see the calculations on this spreadsheet. I first entered the return rates for the prior 12 months for our stocks and for our bonds. (You can see at the top of the sheet that I used December 15 as the end of

Three Keys to Enjoy More. NOW.

Once you know How Much to Spend and How to Invest – two uncertainties that you control – you can squarely face the uncertainties that you don’t control –  Market Returns and Lifespan. Once you are confident of your decisions and plan, I think you

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