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How do Retirement Withdrawal Calculators work? What can they tell you?

We use a Retirement Withdrawal Calculator (RWC) to help us find our Safe Spending Rate (SSR%), and the calculator also tells us, in effect, How To Invest to be confident in that Safe Spending Rate.


The key information we get from an RWC is

Our Safe Spending Amount will at least increase by 2% for 2018.

Last week the Social Security Administration announced a 2.0% increase for inflation (COLA or Cost-of-Living Adjustment) for 2018. What’s this mean for me and for you?


1. Social Security payments will increase by 2% starting in January. That’s the increase before the deduction of

My Rant: It’s unfair. We retirees are victims of not knowing.

I discuss Why I Wrote This Book in Chapter 1 of Nest Egg Care and also here. Both of those reflect “the nice” me. As time goes by and the more I think about it, the more frustrated and cynical I get. The “angrier

Why I wrote this book

I devote a Chapter to this in Nest Egg Care. But here is the overview.


1. I didn’t know, now that I’m retired, answers to two key questions, What can we Safely Spend and Never Run Out?” “Is this connected to How

My 4.5% Pay Raise Calculation, December 2016

You can see the calculations on this spreadsheet. I first entered the return rates for the prior 12 months for our stocks and for our bonds. (You can see at the top of the sheet that I used December 15 as the end of

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