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Whooowee. I made two changes to our plan this year.

I reviewed our extensive Retirement Financial Plan (Written out, it fits on a 3 by 5 card.) and made the following changes:


1. On my 3 by 5 card, I erased the $46,100 that I had written in pencil last year for our Safe

It’s December 15. My day spent bottling the wine I’ll drink next year.

This is my imagined task every December 15. I even mark this day as Bottling Day on my calendar. Why do I do this? To imagine my portfolio differently.


We all need to form our view of risk tolerance. The real shape of my

Our 15% “Pay Raise” Calculation. December 2017.

If you follow the CORE in Nest Egg Care, you Recalculate this general time of year. You may have Recalculated using your 12-month results ending October 31 (like Alice) or November 30 (like me now). Perhaps you will use December 31.



A perfect gift idea for your loved ones: start 529 College Savings Plans

This is the time of year that we all think about giving to others we care about. If you’re like Patti and me, you have some left over from your 2017 Safe Spending Amount. Or, if you’ve recalculated for next year (following the CORE),

Your worry point is far down the shaft of your hockey stick.

Most of us worry about bad variability in stock returns. Our focus, our worry point, is usually no further than 12 months away.  The image in our head is a seesaw or roller coaster. When we’re retired – with the right plan – our real

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